Domain is like address to identify website. In general, you can get only domain name then use it for any host. However, it is important to buy domain and hosting from the same provider. Sometimes, you change website and require new domain name. Transferring domain is not difficult task as long as everything is ready. You need new domain name, authorization code, and backup plan. More about these stuffs will be explored in the following sections.

Some Things to Do When Transferring Domain Name

1. Preparation
Why do you change domain name? There are few reasons to explain this situation. Well, the website should be expanded into the next level. In this case, new name may sound similar to previous one, but only for slightest change. You are no longer official owner for old domain. Purchasing and selling domain name are common to get better name. New domain is exactly similar, but the extension is different.

Preparation is the key in order to succeed for transferring domain. You have to make sure the domain is ready. It is crucial when you decide to move domain from one hosting provider to another. Actually, you may consider transferring website alongside domain. Having domain and website in different hosting is not good combination. You may find this issue in the future.

2. Authorization code
You receive authorization code from previous provider for new one. This code helps to identify that new domain name is legal and available. If you do not get this code, ask provider about it. You cannot transfer domain name without this code.

3. Transferring
Keep in mind that transferring domain is different from website itself. You just change the name, but not hosting location. After authorization code is ready, transferring will be started soon. Usually, user will use administrator page or control panel section to transfer domain from one to another.

Each provider has different policy regarding this process. However, the basic rule is closely similar. You only choose from one domain to another then wait until transferring is done. The process takes less time because you already receive authorization code as the key to identify that you are legal owner of new domain.

4. Check new domain
The next step is checking new domain. As it mentioned above, domain and website in different hosting provider may not be good idea. You have to check whether website can be accessed or not after transferring is done. Use several browsers to check the website availability. You also need to access website from different device. New domain requires adjustment, but only for short period.

5. Backup data
Backup data or website is not necessary thing to do. Your data do not get much problem when transferring domain. However, it is good idea to create backup data for your website. You cannot afford to get unexpected situation while transferring. This is important process to prevent troubleshooting when domain transfer goes wrong.

As we know, domain name identifies website then leads internet users to visit it. When changing domain name, several things have to be prepared. The process may be easy and simple, but you should make sure everything is in proper order. After that, check again to know that the process is done without problem. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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