Most of us visited the world of the Internet several times a week to get information about anything, or it can be done several times in one day. Visit our website and you will find all the information, how to play games, and sometimes be able to download any software. World Wide Web is an incredible spectacle, but none of them can function if not supported by the web server.
Web server is the backbone of a web, because they are responsible to serve and provide access to any web page you see. Most people access the Internet just to get some information that was circulating in the world today. It takes a lot of work to do something simple like displaying web pages.
When you click on the link to view this article, a series of all operations begin running a smaller, whether it fits with what you want to be able to give you a brilliant idea to write in accordance with the composition. But what about the process work? What exactly should be done to make this text appear in your browser?
The first part is the protocol that must be associated with web servers communicate. In this example, the protocol is “http”. This tells the web browser you want to communicate with web servers on port 80, which is a special port for web page communications.
The second part of the URL is the address of the server. This tells the browser the web server is required to contact in order to retrieve all the information you are looking for. Web browsers communicate with the domain name server (DNS) to be able to know the IP address for a website. All communications on the Internet use IP Addresses as a means of communication.
The names of websites, as we know it was created just to make it easier for internet users to find websites that we need. Imagine if the only way to access the Internet only required IP Addresses which we have to remember for each site you visit frequently. That would make it difficult for all Internet users to be able to see the sites they want and for the owners own website that will make it difficult to conduct a campaign that few people know the website and it will result in setbacks for the business being carried out.
Web browser, having found the IP address needed by communicating with the server name, then send the request directly to the web server, using port 80, asking for the file “about.asp”. Web server will send the html for this page back to your web browser, which read HTML tags and formats them for viewing on your screen.
If there are additional files needed to display web pages (like some images, for example) a web browser makes additional requests for each. It is not uncommon for a single web page request because it would trigger a lot of files to be separate from a request from the web server.

It is a brief explanation of how web browsers communicate with web server to display a page you see on the web.

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