Have you ever heard about Dotnetnuke? What is Dotnetnuke? Dotnetnuke is actually a kind of open source CMS or content Management System by using the VB.NET language. This CMS application can be widened by the usage of module and skin so that this application is used for make, spread and maintain the intranet, extranet and website. The professional edition of dotnetnuke had already covered the security upgrades, stability and guarantee support from the product or even application and it is available in cheaper price than the other application. For further explanation about Dotnetnuke, you can read our explanation below.

The Benefits in Using Dotnetnuke for your Website

Today we can find some people prefer to use dotnetnuke for their Website. Actually, this is reasonable because in fact dotnetnuka has some benefits for its users. Those benefits are:

  • Easy to install. You can own a dotnetnuke and run it in only minutes. It can be the first positive reason why many people prefer to use this CMS than the other options.
  • Dotnetnuke supports some websites from an application installation. Of course that this easiness is really loved by users.
  • Dotnetnuke has localization with many different languages that will allow the admin to easily translating those languages on their pages.
  • Dotnetnuke is designed to easily match on the existed circumstances
  • Dotnetnuke is widely known and it is valuable in the open source community
  • Dotnetnuke is perfect for admin, content editor, developer and web designer

Those are some benefits that you can get if you used Dotnetnuke for your website. The other reason why you have to use Dotnetnuke is that it covers for almost a thousand basic modules on its distribution. These modules can be downloaded on Dotnetnuke website, included the e-commerce system, photo gallery, blog, forum, wiki and many mailing list options. The addition of third party module is provided by the open source community with DNN Developers.

What is needed by the Dotnetnuke hosting?

There are some main things that are required for using Dotnetnuke in creating a website. The main needs of Dotnetnuke pages consist of:

  • Web server that is able to run ASP.NET 2.0 or more.
  • Database like MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server 2008 or MSSQL 2012 that is suitable with Windows Hosting, a control panel design for a click installation.

Those are some specifications that are needed by Dotnetnuke hosting. Based on the explanation above, it is clear that Dotnetnuke can give a lot of advantages and easiness for its users. That is why; it is maybe the right CMS that you need to create a website. Now the question is that, where you can get this CMS? Actually, nowadays you can get the Dotnetnuke easily because there are a lot of hosting providers that provide Dotnetnuke. That is why; you can start to look for the right hosting provider that offers only the best quality Dotnetnuke CMS with the reasonable price as well.

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