Visual Studio Express Editions is one application that was launched by Microsoft allows you to develop software. But how to develop a more formal application because the basis for a demand to increase to a more complete version of Visual Studio. Here are five practical reasons to upgrade from Visual Studio Express to the full version.

  1. Multi-Language Support. Unlike Visual Studio Express, a professional version of Visual Studio allows developers to work with one. Net programming languages (VB, C #, C + +, ASP). The function to create cross-language applications easier and faster to develop, which allows. Net programmers to use the strengths of each. Net programming language.

2.  Framework Flexibility. Professional Visual Studio gives developers the freedom to target a specific version. Upgrading to Visual Studio 2008 does not mean to upgrade to. Net Framework 3.5. project applications can be developed for all versions and can upgrade to a newer version at any time during the development process.

3. Native 64-bit development. Native x64 target environment by developing native 64-bit applications. Visual Studio Pro has many choices in the development process mambuat be more flexible to write 32 and 64 bit. Net program. Once again, the programmer can choose between the two techniques during the development process.

4.  Add-Ins. This is a painful feature missing in the Express edition. Visual Studio introduces the ability to complete take-party components into the environment 3 encoding. That means additional utility features such as Visual Assist X, ReSharper, ANTS Profiler, etc., can be integrated directly into Visual Studio.

5.  Deployment Projects. After the application is complete, Visual Studio makes it easy to create MSI installer from the project application. MSI project can be tailored to any special needs. Net applications and save time by eliminating the use of third-party applications for the 3 projects that simple.

Now  Microsoft has been released some versions of Visual Studio include: Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Web Developer, Visual Web Developer 2005, and Visual Web Developer 2008. In each of these versions are different function got a different but do not have the same goal if one application is in use by the programmer

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