During the last years a lot of web hosting company has made best efforts to be member to fasilats which exceeds the site administration for UNIX clients both in the bottom and under Windows. Today there is no difference between this platform in conjunction with the ease and simplicity of use of an application. If you are advanced user and prefer to use a shell, select UNIX. However, if you are a beginner, you will find a user-friendly control panel with a web interface on both platforms.

Hosting Reliability
Expert opinion agrees that Unix is more reliable. However, many users experience on the maintenance of IIS 3.0 under Windows NT 4.0, indicates that the advantage of the Windows platform and it can be estimated to be enough to UNIX. In a level far greater advantage is influenced by the professional level of service staff. This means that you can make the choice of platform solutions, which at first only consider other differences in the features of the platform.

Hosting Speed
There is a very important difference between the two platforms about troubleshooting.
about the speed of functional hosting Hosting.
This is the second factor is the most different platforms of all. But there are tasks to be realized on a single platform and that can’t be realized in the other. The main difference is: how these results can be achieved. For example, if  you’re site uses databases, you can use or a ray PHP / MySQL with UNIX or ASP / MS SQL under Windows. The tendency to develop solutions that are supported on both platforms tracked. For example, Microsoft FrontPage, which is supported both on UNIX and on Windows.

Hosting fee
Here positive for UNIX is different because, first, most products in the UNIX software extends below the free license, and second, much easier to achieve the same level of reliability and efficiency of UNIX, from the Windows. If you do not plan to use technology and solutions is only supported by Windows platform might make sense to choose the UNIX platform.

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