Have you ever heard about the application pool? For us who are rarely involving with internet or online website world, that term is maybe a little bit strange. Application pool is actually a feature that can help to isolate your applications, from one of the other applications, although they are in the same server. It will protect your application as well because if there was an error in an application, it will not have any impacts for the other applications. In addition, application pool will also separate applications that need different security level. Below are some further information about how application pool is worked that maybe it will be essential and beneficial for you.

How it is worked?

Application pool is a group of one or more URLS that is served by one or group of worker processes. Some virtual directory or web directory can assigned to an application pool. In the other words we can say that any applications within the same application pool share the same work process as well. The worker process that serves an application pool was separated to the other worker process that serves the other application pool. Each of these separate worker processes has a process boundary. It will make the problem that may appear on an application pool will not affect the application that runs in the other application pool.

If you wanted to get more protection or help you ensure that you already had a maximum security, you can use multiple application pools for your website. As an example, a business can place its finance website and its human resource website on a server or on the same server. However, that business can use the different pools. Using different application pools in fact can give some benefits for the users. Some of those benefits are it can help to prevent users from changing, accessing or maybe using the confidential information from the other sites of customers.

Furthermore, if you were thought that multiple application pools cannot operate at the same time, so you are wrong. In fact, they can work or operate at the same time. It is because an application that is usually defined by its URL can be only served by one application time. If there was an application pool that was servicing a request, you are not being able to route that request to the other application pool. However, you have to know that you can be able to assign application to the other application pools even while the server is running.

Those are the description of application pool and how application pool is worked. We knew that application pool is an important feature that can secure and protect your application more. That is why; you might be had to consider in using this feature to make your website is more secure and your customers are more comfortable as well. We hope that this article about understanding application pool will be beneficial for you.