WordPress becomes major platform to create website. It is one of popular CMS or Content Management system. You do not have to know coding and complex technical aspect of website as you only handle the content. However, WordPress also has administrator page to control several things. People like WordPress because of plugin as software to expand the website functionality. In general, plugin is software or package solely for wordpress with specific function. You may see website contains the form, chatting box, or any attractive feature. Those things are examples of plugin. There are tons of plugins of website with different function. Which one is the best? The following list provides aspects to choose the most recommended plugin to enhance the website capability.

Choosing the Best WordPress Plugin

1. Communication
You need plugin as communication tool. It is necessary for dynamic website to interact between users and content creator. Communication consists of two basic categories: real time and basic. Real time communication is chatting where you talk directly at the same time. On the other side, basic communication only lets message and you just wait for reply. When choosing plugin, you should choose website preference to adjust with communication style. Each website has different purpose. If the website is for sharing information, basic plugin communication is enough.

2. Protection
Internet is the source of growing technology, but it has bad side as well. You can use it for good, but few people violate rule and it turns into bad side. In order to protect website from attack or malicious malware, you need a protection. For this reason, several plugins are specifically designed as protector. WordPress is popular platform and many people use it to develop website. Furthermore, people with bad intention recognize the flaw then send malicious activity. This is where plugin has its capacity.

3. Gallery
Viewer will be subscriber because the website is interesting and attractive. You can create gallery contains photo or picture. You have many pictures on website, but lack of proper managing. It can be turned into potential attraction for viewers. Each of articles has picture, but you provide gallery to explore all photo at once. In this case, you need plugin with capability to manage the gallery.

4. SEO
What is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, SEO lets website to stay at the top list of search engine based on specific website. After developing website, you need visitor to increase popularity. SEO helps to develop website to be friendlier toward search engine. Professional help for this task is expensive. For wordpress user, there are plugin with SEO feature. You may not know how this plugin works in detail, but the result will come immediately.

5. Email and subscription
At first list, communication is a tool to let visitors interact each other. Another recommended plugin is email and subscription. You can create forum using wordpress. Moreover, subscription plugin is inseparable part. Users use email to register and do several activities. If the forum has thousand members, you cannot manage them without plugin.

Well, recommended plugin does not mean the most popular one. When creating and developing website, you should know the target and segmentation to reach the right viewer. In addtion, plugin has to enhance the website capability.

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