is an important platform in a website. That is why; the latest technology can be really essential because it can support your website really well. Now the question is that, what are the kinds of the latest ASP.Net technology? Below we will give some information about the latest technology that you can use.

  1. The MVC Framework

The first technology is the MVC Framework. What is this? This is actually an open source web application framework that can be implemented with model view controller (MVC) pattern. The function of this technology is that to help us in creating application that will separate the different aspect of application. The examples of these aspects are like the business logic, input logic and UI logic. The current version of this technology is the Microsoft MVC 5 that you can download from some sources in the internet.

  1. Web API

If you wanted to have a framework that will make you easier in building the HTTP Service, so web API is the best answer. This technology will give you that easiness that reach the wide range of clients included the mobile devices and browsers as well. Many people agree that this is the best and ideal platform that you can use to build the RESTful application in the Net. framework. The current version of this technology is the Microsoft Web API 2 5.0.0. As usual, you can download this framework from the internet.

  1. ASP.NET SignalR

This technology is claimed as the newest library for the developers of This technology wills possibly them to make real time web functionality easily. SignalR allow the communication of bi-directional between client and server. In the other words we can say that now server can push the content to connect client as it becomes available instantly. This technology will suppor web socket and it will fall back to the other techniques for older browsers. APIs is used on this SignalR for the aspect of connection management (for connecting and disconnecting events), authorization and also for grouping connections. The current version of signalR that you can download from the internet is the “Miscrosoft SignalR 2.0.1”

  1. Entity Framework

Entity framework is the next latest technology in that you can try. Entity Network or EF is the mapper of object – relational that will enable the developers of .NET to work with relational data. Usually, they will use the domain specific object for this case. It works by eliminating the need that is had by most data access code in which developers usually need for writing something. If you wanted to use this technology, you can get and download it from internet and the current version of this technology is the entity framework 6.0.2.

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