WordPress Automatic Update is a new feature that will be rolled out by WordPress. As we know that WordPress is usually having a simple update system, but it requires manually initiating of that process. The newest WordPress Automatic Update will update everything for you in a really easy way. Furthermore, you are even not need to touch every single thing. However, many people are still confused in using this new feature. It is because there are many goods and bad that attach on this feature. Below are further explanations about this.

The Good

Hackers are still becoming really big problems for website or blog. There are many reasons why hackers can hack an account. In fact, the first reason why hacker can hack a site is because they do not update the wordpress. That is why; the new WordPress Automatic update will protect any sites from the attack of hackers. This feature can automatically update itself when security updates were released more sites will be protected more. In the other words we can say that with this feature users will be not paralyzed with fear with upgrade options. It will be also would save the cost because you don’t need to pay anyone for upgrading your website.

The Bad

This feature is maybe seemed really amazing because users don’t need to update their wordpress. It seems really easy but in fact, there is a bad reason that attaches on this feature as well. Many people thought that the WordPress Automatic Updates is not a great idea. Why? It is because automatically updating the core of your blog or website without your knowledge really can break your site. In fact, the wordpress developers had already thought about this. They have a solution that if you did not want to automatic updates happened on your websites, so you may not use that feature. To set this feature off, you just need to add a simple line in your wp-config.php file. After that, the automatic update system will be disabled. The other bad thing that makes many people thought twice for using this feature is the ownership issue. In fact, any websites that are being updated are not becoming the property of wordpress. This is also not the WordPress owned server and it was not the responsibility of WordPress as well.

Based on the explanation above, so which one is better? Should we use this automatic update? Many experts said that if your site was simple, you can use the core WordPress Functionality and handful of plugins and then auto updates are great idea. However, if you had a complex site, many people and experts recommended to turn off this auto updates. Besides that, if your websites are essential for the development of your business, it is really better for you to turn off the auto updates because you need to share a lot of knowledge which can give any impact to the reputation of your business.

Image source from https://www.wordpress.org