What is reseller hosting? It is a web-hosting reseller purchasing service from a bigger web hosting provider. It divides the service into custom hosting plans and resells the service to the customers. It looks like a typical wholesaler-retailer business model. It is now getting popular with web entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to earn money from web. Besides popular, this business model is also easy. It is really effortless to sell a hosting service or website. Just get it started by building a website and make your reseller plan with reputable web hosting provider. To become a hosting reseller, you don’t need expensive cost. A well-planned reseller hosting business makes big amounts of profit. Here are the best ways you should do to earn money with reseller hosting:
The Best Way to Start Your Business with Reseller Hosting and Earn Money from It

1. Do Research
All good business plans are started from reliable research. The research can be about how the competition is, how succeed they do running this business, what they have done, and what consumers which all existing companies haven’t provide. Research about web hosting and reseller hosting tend to be easier than the other businesses. The most important thing is that this business can be run online, where all information you need are at your fingertips.

2. Make a Good Business Plan
Web hosting reseller can resister for reseller account and becomes part of this business only in a few minutes. Not only easy to become a hosting reseller, it is also affordable. But on the other hand, many people got nothing from this business because they don’t have any plan. When you expect customers come immediately to a new provider, it seems to be unrealistic. Thus, plan how you will promote and sell your new business. Determine how much money you will need to make this business runs fast in the first year. There will be a plenty of competitions, so it becomes important to identify customers’ criteria.

3. Choose Reputable and Experienced Hosting Provider
There are many web hosting providers provide reseller account. Choose a trusted and experienced provider which can help you best. Make a list of web hosting provider and cut it down into a fewer options. Then, contact each provider to discuss about your plans and needs. This step is also important to know how responsive the provider is about your questions

4. Promotion and Promotion
This seems to be the most challenging thing for becoming a web-hosting reseller. Business promotion is sometimes not that easy. It needs tricks and creative minds to make the best promotion. There are thousands web-hosting providers and resellers are selling their services in internet so being independent and different is something tricky. Use your social media, blow, and online forum to spread information about your services while minimizing ads cost at the same time. Consider using growth-hacking strategy to maximize your achievement.
If you are now attempting for a big amount of money as a side or main income, becoming a web hosting reseller can be a good alternative. You are not required to provide too much time for this business. Moreover, your customers may come from anywhere.

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