We proudly announce that our SmarterMail email system has been upgraded to SmarterMail 6.6.3636. Now our clients could enjoy faster and more reliable email server system. Here are the list of updates :

  1. CHANGED: Read and Mark As Read now have separate entries in the language file to ensure accurate translations.
  2. CHANGED: The To pop-up window on the compose page is now wider, making it easier to select message recipients.
  3. FIXED: An error message now displays when a user forgets to select a user or group when trying to share mail, contacts, calendars, tasks, or notes.
  4. FIXED: Corrected a deadlock scenario that caused POP, SMTP, IMAP and Webmail to become unresponsive.
  5. FIXED: Impersonating a user in Safari for the Mac now functions as expected.
  6. FIXED: Importing mailing list poster whitelists and blacklists using the Web service now functions as expected.
  7. FIXED: Mailing list bounce detection now checks the return path of a bounced message only.
  8. FIXED: Mailing list messages now include a clickable unsubscribe link when applicable.
  9. FIXED: Mailing list throttling now functions as expected.
  10. FIXED: Marking multiple messages as spam now functions as expected.
  11. FIXED: Messages with extremely long headers are now processed more efficiently.
  12. FIXED: Printing from the read message page now functions as expected.
  13. FIXED: Refreshing the messages page no longer causes the domain name to display in the page title.
  14. FIXED: Reminder timers now synchronize properly when using SIF formatted calendar entries with SyncML.
  15. FIXED: Selecting multiple rows with the same row ID no longer causes those rows to be ignored.
  16. FIXED: The disk space button now displays properly.
  17. FIXED: The disk usage summary report now displays the correct disk space total when logged in as a domain or system administrator.
  18. FIXED: The event action of sending an email will no longer corrupt non-ASCII text.
  19. FIXED: The original message now displays after a message is forwarded via the content pane.
  20. FIXED: The Send Digest button on the mailing lists page now repopulates the grid properly when clicked.
  21. FIXED: The system administrator username and password can now be changed via Web services.
  22. FIXED: Visifire (Silverlight) charts now display correct numeric data in non-English cultures.
  23. FIXED: Webmail access is now retained when removing a user’s domain administrator permissions.
  24. FIXED: When a mailing list sends a message to another mailing list, the original sender’s address is now listed as the From address.