Should you choose windows hosting or linux hosting for your website is an interesting question that is needed to be answered. It is for sure that every of us want to get the best hosting which is appropriate and support our business. There are two system of operations that are usually used most web hosting companies. They are Linux and Windows. Choosing one of these kinds of operating systems is maybe not that hard, especially for them who deal with this stuff are always. However, for the beginner, it can be a little bit confusing. If you were a beginner, it is better to understand about those systems first. Below is some information about linux and windows hosting that maybe can help?

Linux Hosting and Its Details

We will start from Linux Hosting. Linux is an operating system in a web hosting that is cheap and easy to install. Linux OS hosting has the cPanel system. cPanel is a way for accessing teh back end of a website and we know that cPanel is quite famous among most people. However, this cPanel is not available on Shared Linux server. How about the ability to access and transferring some files in the server? Linux the one and only that offers ssh access and telnet. Besides that, Linux also provides PHP, ASP, CGI and Perl. ColdFusion is also an operating system that may also provide by Linux Hosting. If you were worked with mySQL, so you have to choose Linux. The serve page that is provided by Linux Hosting Server is Javascript and html, so the file will be ended with .html.

Windows Hosting and the Details

Windows Hosting has some different thing with Linux. Starting from the price, windows are pricey but it has the world class support on it. From the security aspect, we can see that windows are commonly becoming the spyware target because it is so vulnerable. If Linux offers cPanel for a way to access the back end of a website, Windows offer the Plesk. Similar with Linux, Windows offer FTP access, but the admin is rarely offered the ssh access or telnet. Windows are also providing Perl and CGI, ASP and PHP. It may also provide the ColdFusion. Hosting with Windows will make you hard to find mySQL and the servers are usually running access. If many people though that Windows have so many weakness on its security aspect, it is not completely right. Both, Windows and Linux have vulnerabilities. The file on windows hosting will be ended with .htm, but this appearance is maybe not too important for you. In fact, many people prefer to worl with windows to Linux. Why? It is because windows have the different and countless programming dialect. Besides that, the usages of Microsoft items for the most computers are also making windows as the first choice.

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