The week starts off like any other week, your Monday is riddled with back to back meetings in and out of the office, your staff is telling you how much time they don’t have to do the tasks you are assigning them and your boss has a new report that is due out the door by close of business today. This is pretty much the norm as far as Mondays go. There is one exception to this day that is different than the other days. This is the Monday that your Human Resources team has released its latest results of the company wide employee satisfaction surveys conducted last quarter. The survey identifies the need to improve internal data sharing and communication.

As you start pondering on what you can do to resolve this issue, a bell goes off in your memory. Last month you remember an article that you read on a plane trip to New York to visit clients. The article was all about Sharepoint server hosting. To this point in your career you never had to seek resources outside the organization that you have worked for. This has now come to an end. Your company has frozen all technological budgets and there is little or no chance of freeing up large amounts of funding for new hardware and new software. There is a budget that has some money to support technological need and innovation provided the correct business case is made by the requester. The section of the article that you remember reading “Sharepoint hosting 2007” seems to list out all of the advantages of this product and most importantly it highlighted that fact that centralized Sharepoint server hosting may be an invaluable tool that can aid managers of all businesses in improving staff productivity and moral.

This article also referenced that fact that this technology can be available in Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) or Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS). It compared the two and from your initial review it looked as though a Sharepoint MOSS dedicated server may be your immediate solution. This epiphany could not have come soon enough because as soon as you were done thinking the phone rings and it is your boss asking about your plans to improve communications in the office.

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