SharePoint 2017 is probably the newest and latest series of SharePoint that was developed by Microsoft. It was developed alongside of OneDrive as one of the best and most reliable online storage in which you can store pretty much anything you want.
SharePoint in 2017 Prediction and Review
In that case, such thing referred there is the document or any files you want to store outside of your PC or simply any other means of storage. Compared to the previous series of SharePoint, the SharePoint 2017 does come with several new means and new features you did not find in the previous series of SharePoint and all. In that case, here is the list of the new features the SharePoint 2017 does come with.
1. Better means of sharing
First thing first, SharePoint 2017 does come with the better means of sharing compared to the previous series. In comparison with the previous series of SharePoint, this version has been designed with the better means of sharing with the other storage. In addition, it is already connected to the OneDrive; the other means of storage many people resort to. That way, you will have much accessibility on accessing your files stored in the SharePoint and OneDrive at the same time.
2. External File Access
Another new feature the SharePoint 2017 comes with in the first place is the external access on the files and documents kept inside the storage. With such feature, unlike the previous series, external users who are not registered in the network can have access to the files and documents stored inside the storage.
However, do not worry about any security breach perpetrated by the external users trying to access the file. Those users will still have to prove their authenticity through email verification and all for the document owner to keep tabs on the files.
3. Comprehensive File Supervision
As it is stated before, SharePoint come with the new feature which it allows the external users to have access to the files and the documents kept inside the storage itself. But in this case, the security of your storage will still be assured since it does come with the means of supervision you can make use of in order to watch out for your storage. You will be able to keep tabs on who visits your storage and have access on the files and document stored on the online storage.
4. Faster page loading
Another new feature you will find in the matter of SharePoint 2017 is the faster file loading. For the previous series, the process was taking such a long time just to load the file which came in big size. In fact, it will be such a waste on the internet data since it is used in vain. However, with this mode, you will be able to load even bigger file in just short time. That way, you will pretty much save the data connection, thanks to the feature of SharePoint 2017 and all. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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