Blog is now becoming a really effective tool not only for saying about your opinions and share some knowledge, but also it becomes a really effective tool to get some profits. In the other words we can say that if blog was maintained really well and with the right way, it can be a really effective tool to make some money. One of the ways to raise your blog popularity is by updating your blog with some contents like articles continuously. Does it mean that you have to update as much as article? Which one is better, the quality or quantity of the blog content? It is maybe a common question that you always hear as a blogger. To find out the answer, below we will try to explain and we will try to answer about which one is the best for blog content, the quality or quantity.

There are many aims that are owned by writers when they told an idea or topic. Writing can be done just for fun in our personal blog or it can be done for making some money to gain profits from visitors. For some new bloggers, sometimes ideas can be told totally or comprehensively. In the other words one idea sometimes can be used for three up to four posts. It is maybe they thought that making many posts will help them to gain many visitors on their blog. However in fact, visitors will be doubt if they found an article that is not explained totally.

What we can learn from that case? In fact for blog content, quantity is not everything. Make as much as posts is not the main aim. You have to learn how to make a high quality content and after you did that, you will see a really significant different. As an example, if 400 articles in day can get for about $0,05, so that with 13 high quality articles can make more profit or for about $0,36. This is a data that based on the experience of some writers. This is an example of a newbie who proves that good article can bring more visitors and dollars than if we cut the articles into some parts. It is because that thing can make your article is not comprehensive and sometimes it can make the visitors feel lost and they just do the short visit in our website or blog.

This thing makes most writers decided to revise their article. They wanted to describe all the topics totally, so it will give a clear and comprehensive explanation for the readers. It will satisfy them and they don’t need to find the other articles in the internet. As we know that finding a related article in internet can be hard. It is because we have to find it from thousand articles. That is why; from the explanation above, it is clear that quality is more important to be considered than just the quantity.