Why we have to use SSL? There are many people who ask about this question. That is why; it becomes really interesting to answer this question. Is SSL really important? SSL is like a backbone for our internet security and it will protect sensitive information along your internet data traffic. It will protect internet from any criminal attacks and gives many direct benefits for you and your customers.

Benefits of SSL

SSL can help you in encrypting the sensitive information. The main reason why you have to use SSL is to protect any sensitive information while the shipping process through internet is still running. It is done with encryption system where only the message receiver that can understand the result of that encryption process. This is really important because information that we send through internet need a process from a computer to the other computer until it reach the final aim. The other computers between your computer and server can see your credit card number, username and passwords and the other sensitive information if it was not encrypted by SSL Certificate. When this certificate was used, information will be unable to read by anyone except the server that becomes the addressed goal when someone was sending information. This thing will protect this information from hackers of the other identity stealers.

The other benefit that you can get from an SSL is about authentication. Besides information is encrypted, SSL certificate also provide an authentication. It means that it can ensure you more to send information to any valid servers not to any criminal servers. Why it is so important? You have to know that basic characteristic of internet is that users will mostly send any information that will pass through some computers. Each of these computers can act by becoming your website to ensure your customers for sending their information to that computer. This thing can be only avoided by using PKI or public key infrastructure and by getting an SSL certificate from any trusted SSL providers.

The third benefit is to increase your customers’ trust. Web browser gives a visual clue like a lock icon or bar that appears in green color. This is to ensure and tell the web visitors that they are in a connection that is equipped with security system. It means that they will trust your website more when they saw this sign and it will trigger them to purchase some items from you. Besides that, SSL provider will give you a trusted lock that has an aim give more trust for your customers. PCI Compliance is the other thing that is also important from an SSL. It is important to know that you pick credit card information from your website except if you had already passed certain audit like a PCI Compliance that needs a right SSL Certificate. SSL will be also protecting you from any forms of phising. This is an email that is sent by someone that tries to duplicate your website. This email usually contains some links that refer to their own websites.