Internet has many good things to help people. On the other side, it is like blade; depending on how people use it. Although it is good, bad things can also happen. You may be familiar with terms of hacking, malware, DDOS attack, virus, etc. All of them are another side of internet technology. Website owner requires protection for safety measure and controlling situation. This is where Sitelock and Code Guard come into the right place. You cannot afford to have issue when the website is at its peak.

Further Information about Sitelock and Code Guard

1. Malware scanner and removal
Sitelock will handle security aspect in website. You will get this service as package or separately. When choosing hosting provider, you see some offers that include Sitelock as feature. In general, security aspect will be the responsibility of hosting provider, but Sitelock helps website to increase its own security. It is like secondary protection when the first gate is opened after unexpected attack.

What is the capability of Sitelock? Well, you get the malware scanner and removal. Provider does security inspection, but it is still not enough. This application will do scanning to entire website, including small code. After that, it sends notification and recommendation in order to remove or optimize the website. You can adjust this feature to do automatic scanning and removal. Malware, virus, and unidentified code bring high risk to harm your website.

2. Hacking prevention
Malware is a gate to the next malicious action. It is usually called hacking. This term becomes popular because it’s very dangerous for website. You do not want people to take control on your own website then do much destruction, right? This is big task for Sitelock to prevent any hack attempting.

3. Backup and monitoring
Security goes side by side with backup and monitoring system. You need Code Guard to handle these tasks. It is the service or application to do initial backup then monitor the website regularly. As similar to Sitelock, you get it from hosting provider or order it separately.

First thing to do is for connection option. Make sure the website and Code Guard is already connected. Choose initial backup to do scanning. When the system sees alteration, it will send alert. Website owner may not know about this changing because it happens from hosting provider. It is not malicious, but you have to know this matter.

After that, backup will start immediately. There are several options for backup. You may choose it based on what you need the most. Regular backup is recommended since you cannot expect what happens in the future.

4. Restore
Code Guard also has capability to restore website into original state. After you receive the changing on code, this system will do backup. However, you only want previous code. For this reason, you can restore as similar to the previous one. It is benefit and capability of Code Guard.

Well, security is the top priority when you decide to enter internet world as website owner. Hosting providers have their own to protect customer and client, but that is not enough. You need specific system to protect, scan, and backup your website individually. Therefore, Sitelock and Code Guard are the good tools to be installed on your website.