How to Use WordPress for Your Blog- WordPress is one of many platforms that are used for making a blog or website. We can say that it is maybe the most popular platform and there are many users of this platform in this world. That is why; you are maybe interested to use it for your blog. However, the question now is how is it? Below we will give you some description about this case.

If you wanted to try this for free, you can simply register at You can directly use many facilities that are available there. However, how if you were already bought hosting or domain? You can install wordpress by using Fantastico and then you have to explore it more and more again. You can retry for installing wordpress for many times, so you will know and understand the installation pattern.

After you were finished with WordPress installation, this is the time for learning more about How to Use WordPress for Your Blog. The first thing that you can learn is the knowledge about basic SEO optimization. With a good SEO adjustment, your blog or website will be able to appear on Google search page or the other search engines. You can also learn about the ways on how your blog can be advantageous or maybe can help you to get more incomes.

The other thing that you can learn in How to Use WordPress for Your Blog is about how to write the article. Actually, there are some columns that you can use based on its function. For the example, you can use the title column for inserting the title of your article and a column for placing the content of your article. There are many adjustments that you can apply on this article draft. You can add some adjustment such as Bold, the type of letters that you want and many more. For making a post with a good SEO, make sure that you have a unique article. Unique here can be gotten from the information that you use and how you can adjust them, such as by adding the italic format, underline, unique letter types and many more.

How to Use WordPress for Your Blog? The next tip is about the picture. On your post, you have to insert some relevant picture. You have to fill some information about this picture on the column that is available. If you wanted to have a blog with many readers, make sure that you always update your blog continuously. For the example, it can be once in two days or an article every day. The most important thing is that, you may not let your blog is dead by not updating it for too long time.

Those are some information that we can give about How to Use WordPress for Your Blog. For the conclusion, WordPress is a great platform that you can use because it has so many facilities that will help you in blogging, even if you were a beginner. Linux Hosting starting from $2.99/month and you will get Storage Space 5 GB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 2 Websites, Unlimited MySQL 5.5 Database, UNLIMITED Domain, and UNLIMITED Sub Domains.
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