How to Transfer your Website without Downtime – Technology is having fast development at the present time that will possibly for migrating website from a host to the other host. However, this migration process is usually giving downtime effect that can have a bad impact for customers. Furthermore, DNS transfer will cause that website is broken for about 12 up to 772 hours long. Below we will share some tips to transfer your website without downtime or at least to make it minimum.

1. Make sure that the migration process is succeed before it was denied
It means that you may not deny or stopping the process before a contract was done. Please let the contract done in the right time. The main mistake that is usually occurred is that someone is calling a hosting about his migrating process, even if he was still in a contract time range.

2. Download your Backup
For this case, you can enter to the cPanel and get your website backup and database information. The old website must have the same system or at least it may not different at all. In this case, you will find some difficulties to choose between cPanel and Plesk Panel. Both of them are the best host to make sure that your data is backed up and neatly saved.

3. Doing the Trasfer process
You have to try to upload data to the new server. Usually, each web hosting will send domain name and IP address as a tool to check the website plan for a year. It can be also used to check the DNS Propagation, FTP account and cPanel administration. The next thing that you have to do is entering to the website.

4. Make sure that Database is worked properly
Backup database is not filled by username, password and etc. However, this database is a key that must be entered to setting together with MySQL in cPanel. Make sure that you give complete information about users, passwords and the other information to FTP Account through the IP Address.

5. Host to new server name
The last step is by instructing domain to use data from the new server. You just need to enter the control panel registration domain. Usually, it needs to be replaced with the new server name (you can find it in email) from the new hosting. If you could not find it, you can ask for a help from the representative staffs. DNS Changing process will need 12 up to 24 hours long. However for a moment the first and second website will work like usual so that customers will not see any differences. After that, you have to wait until the spread process was done. Make sure that every process was done and ready to access to the new hosting. After those steps were done and perfect, you can start to contact your old hosting to deny the contract. Your mission is succeeding.