If we talked about SSL, there are many related words that we can discuss. One of those things is about the type of SSL. Actually, there are 4 kinds of SSL that we can find and how to choose SSL is different between each type. That is why; below we will inform those 4 kinds of SSL and how to choose each SSL.

  1. Domain Validated SSL Certificate

This SSL is used for validating the ownership of your SSL and this type is the most popular type among bloggers. The data that is used has to be same with the domain data at WHOIS so it is guaranteed. This certificate is perfect for everyone who wants to make a professional website. This certificate is affordable as well and it has an easy setup. If you used an IDCloudHost, it will be easier because there is a SSL/TLS manager that is available on its cPanel user.

  1. Organization Validation SSL Certificate (OV)

This certificate is used for verifying an organization or business that is placed behind a domain name that is asked for its certificate. To make its process is faster, you have to prepare some kinds of your organizations’ legal documents in a form of legal scan and it has to be registered in a law organization at where you live are. The other way is that you must have a telephone bill in the name of your business and bank account in the name of your business. It seems a little bit complicated, but this process makes a great security system that will cover your website’s visitors to push some criminal cyber.

  1. Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV)

This certificate shows a high security and trust of a company. You have to complete some requirements that are required in OV. By having an EV Certificate, the address bar in the visitors’ browser will be turned into green color. this certificate is used to complete with a site seal or logo that can be applied on your website with a link refers to company’s validation page and explain that your company is secure for having any transactions especially if the visitors want to use a credit card.

  1. Multi Domain SSL Certificate

Certificate that contains the unsure of multi domain means that by having only a certificate you can use it on many domain. As an example is the Comodo Positive SSL Multi Domain in which it can be used on for about 100 domains. Actually, you can use it only for three domains (on a default setting), but if you wanted to add it (97 domain addons for maximum requirements) you have to pay more charge for this thing. The amount of maximum domain is depended on the publisher, such as how much that is available for the default setting and how much that are possible to be added.

Those are some things that you can do to choose SSL. Now you know about the different types of each SSL and you can pick one that suits with your needs and budge as well.

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