As a company engaged in the field of hosting providers and domains registration, do not complete it if in this journal we have never discussed the terms and the terms in this field. Here is the definition and terms associated with hosting and domain according to our version.

Hosting is the Internet services that provide a place to store information that can be accessed anywhere. Such information includes http (web), FTP (file transfer), email or DNS.

Shared Hosting is a hosting service which is used together with other users. This means that in a single server there are some accounts that distinguish between one and another account with a username and password. In this 15 provides shared hosting packages are divided into 3 categories, usually they call Personal hosting, professional hosting and enterprise hosting.

Domain is given a unique name to identify the name of the server hosting the Internet network. This domain is for easy reference or calling the data / information on a server. As we know, the other for access to our computers must use the IP Address. Now this domain is a sequence of alias to replace the IP Address.

TLD is the last name or extension of the domain. Examples are com net org biz info etc.
Name Server (NS) is the address or location of a server. Suppose we have a domain stored on the server. For how to get there, the NS provide in order to facilitate data access.

Domain Name System (DNS) is a rule used in naming a domain name. In addition to control a propagation term control of the spread of the control process in order to be recognized by the entire Internet network.

This Domain Name is active only in one world one. So if the domain is active, then you can’t order the name. Besides domain also can’t rename or deleted, which is only active or not. So before choosing a domain, consider carefully your name that will take.

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