Choose us now to save the planet!

Why choose another web hosting while you could participate to save the planet and use the reliable web hosting services at the same time? WebhostforASP.NET has gone green. We could not say 100% green but we have implement many green solutions provided from the international organizations. Not only at the data center but we implement it in our office also.

We are now trying to put the green lifestyle solution inside our employees. Many things we have done like :

1. We always make sure the electricity is turned off when We don’t use it.
2. We use notebooks rather than PCs for the employees to save more electricity.
3. We encourage our employees to work from anywhere so they don’t have to come to office regularly so they don’t have to use their vehicles to come to the office. In the end it could save this planet from carbon dioxide emissions.
4. etc

There are many other things we have implemented to support the green lifestyle campaign. Choose WebhostforASP.NET to host your site and you could also save the planet at the same time. Let’s go green!