Web hosting is a business just like any other business that needs business ethics in the business process itself. The number of  Web Hosting business may have been saturated, but many of them who have achieved success. This is mainly due to an overall attitude is to create a business Web hosting is an opportunity to earn money quickly. No successful business has brought the opportunity to make money quickly.

Moving, by doing their strategy depends on the steps you’ll take to make yourself stand out and differentiate themselves from the competition. We will try to leave aspects of your business. The service you choose should depend entirely on your service provider. The first step to choosing your service provider who can develop and maintain and support your website’s performance.

Registries provide services to resellers who serve directly or resell these services other resellers. Business instincts that Registrars are options makes the most sense to be done. Registrars can dramatically reduce the time services such as support, increased reliability and the most important premium service.

There are several factors to consider:

• Check the efficiency of customer support team from the service provider.
How fast they respond to your requests and issues. To check this, you must often call during the hours you want when you have a very serious problem and see if they can easily solve problems you face.

• How reliable is the service provider.
You should check since how long they have been in this web hosting industry. There are many good companies that provide a certain amount depending on the uptime that offers you choose.

• Check the control panel
Control panel is an integral part, where you can control the functions of the website. With the proper control panel, you can password protect directories, prevent hotlinking images, block certain IP addresses from come to your site.

• Check the server storage capacity. If you will load the website with heavy files then you should check the limitations. This will be very important for the performance of your website.

• Check the bandwidth.
Bandwidth is a factor that is very important for the progress of your website development. And can determine whether or not your site is accessed by many people. Maybe you can see what packages are offered to be able to upgrade in terms of increasing the bandwidth capacity if it is necessary and in accordance with the needs of your website.

• Check your website statistics.
This will enable you to understand, what keywords are used by many Internet users to visit your website. With these programs a good statistical analysis, you must also be able to see Raw Access Logs for your site, Disk Usage, Bandwidth Usage, Web Traffic Statistics, Error Logs, and visitor demographics.

• Email is an integral part of running a website. You will be expert in creating an email address. Ensure that you have complete control over your email hosting.

• Check how much your spending in each month.
There are web hosting packages that offer varying prices ranging from the cheapest price to the most expensive per month. There are sites that do not offer a per month but you have to pay per year. Try to consider & understand all the features offered with the price of the package.

If you plan to use free web hosting services, it is an option that is not good, but you also have to mempertimbagkan many factors when you want to use their services. There are many problems when using free web hosting services include, in terms of availability, service, and bandwidth.

• If you are looking for hosting advanced features and check for MySQL and phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin, PHP, Perl, CGI, Python, and Tomcat. If you are just entering the world of web hosting, better use a simple features and easy to use. But most important is how to grow your website so your business will succeed and succeed.

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