If you were always deal with website or if you were a website owner, you are maybe familiar with CMS or Content Management System. Actually, what is the meaning of CMS? CMS is web application or web software that has some aims such as make an easier management system such as uploading, editing, adding and many more contents into a website, blog, web application without needing any knowledge about technical things. Besides that, users are also not required for mastering the programming language for using a CMS. That is why; CMS offers many things to make a website managing is much easier.

CMS becomes a popular and favorable thing among the website owners because of its easiness. Besides that, this platform can be also reducing the cost, so it can be cheaper. Usually, you don’t need to learn a lot about programming language for using CMS. Why? It is because all the processes on CMS are automatic with a popular term of WYSIWYG or what you see is what you get. This easiness also comes for the update process. This process can be done quickly, so it will guarantee the latest information that is displayed.

By using CMS, you can also do some management to the publish cycle in your website. There are many kinds of CMS that give facilities for users to manage which part and contents that will be displayed, how long it will be displayed and display location in a website. Usually, users can also review the related part or content before it is displayed. It means that there is a guarantee for the validity of a content or part.

The other thing that we can talk about CMS is the personalization process. CMS will allow users for having a really simple personalization process. Once a content was placed to a CMS, that content can be displayed based on the needs and wants of the users. In addition, CMS can separate between design and content as the other easiness that you will get by using CMS. It will cause easier personalization process. This is another different aspect that becomes one of the reasons why many people prefer to use CMS for their website.

What is the other easiness that is offered by CMS? The other aspect that is offered by CMS is easiness to control or managing the website accountability. It is because CMS has a great support the work direction and clear access of right for its users. Besides that, data or information that is told or published is guaranteed. Each of writers and editors has his own jobs with different access right as well. With this way, every changes that was happened in a website can be checked and it can be solved as quick as possible. This is really important for the website users.

Those are some benefits that users can get by using CMS. From the information and description above, we can make a conclusion that CMS is having a lot of benefits and it is really important for website