Drupal 7.0 is the next “major” release of the social publishing platform Drupal. Drupal has not yet relased the full version of the Drupal 7.0. Right now the Drupal 7.0 is still alpha version. We have tested our server with php 5.2.6 for this Drupal version and We proudly announce that our serves could run Drupal 7.0 without problems.

Many fixed for bugs included in Drupal 7.0 such as :

  1. Better media handling
  2. Custom content types in core
  3. WYSIWYG editor
  4. Better performance
  5. Better tools to structure/organize content
  6. Basic Views like module
  7. Automatic upgrade functionality
  8. Improved node access system
  9. Better internal APIs
  10. Better external APIs (import/export, web services)
  11. Usability

Drupal 7.0 wil be fully released on April 2010, until then you could always test the Drupal 7.0 on our hosting service. WebhostforASP.NET has been known as Drupal hosting provider for many years and we have plenty of satisfied customers using Drupal with our service. Now is your turn to try the new born baby, Drupal 7.0.