We’re all currently living in digital era. It’s no longer a surprise if you find someone makes a living from working on the internet, and that may include yourself. One of many work opportunities is streaming live video. There are many internet companies that provide a platform especially made for those who are doing stream live video. In this case, there are several conditions in which you have to be prepared for any kind of technical abruption. The following paragraphs will discuss about technicalities of live streaming, including the amount of bandwidth you need and how you need 24/7 live support during your live stream.
24/7 Live Support vs. Website’s Bandwidth
If you don’t know it yet, bandwidth is the amount of traffic that comes to your website and how many data was transferred between your site and the users during the visit. It is important to keep your bandwidth sufficient, since it is the main thing that supports your website to keep running smoothly. When you’re doing a live stream, the site will surely needs a lot of bandwidth to keep the videos running. However, it can be a lot trickier for live streaming to avoid technical errors. Therefore, sometimes you’re going to need help from 24/7 live support.
The list below will explain why you need 24/7 tech support especially if you’re doing a live stream. It is especially important if there is an unlimited bandwidth on the site, since typically, the high traffic shouldn’t bother how the website is running. However, any other technical error is not guaranteed to go away.

1. 24/7 live support can provide assistance anytime of the day
No matter how many bandwidth you got, you still need technical support. It can improve a more effective live streaming, so the users and the watchers can get the best experience in using the website. An unlimited bandwidth can only safe your site from going down from the high traffic. You will still need assistance to make sure everything works smoothly.

2. 24/7 live support can guide you with tutorials
Video tutorials can be a bit complex. Therefore, you will still need assistance to navigate you in the live stream website. This is to help you find the right feature to keep your streaming going well.

3. 24/7 live support can help with network congestion
You can have unlimited bandwidth, however, it’s still possible to experience network congestion. You can have a great connection but if there are disruption in the connection, you still need to contact the 24/7 live support. Bandwidth can only support the amount of people in, but not support them to process data better.
Those are several reason why you still need 24/7 live support despite of having unlimited bandwidth. It is pretty tricky to make sure that your website keeps running as it is, since disruption can come anytime and in any form. For example, as mentioned above, network congestion can cause your website to slow down. 24/7 live support can help this issue. You can ask for a way out in case you’re in the middle of something important.

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