As a website owner, sometimes we are faced with many kinds of financial considerations. Nowadays, there are many questions that are related with this case. Some questions like how we can push the cost, do we need this and that are maybe the kinds of questions that we always hear every day. Saving for making more profit is a good thing to do. However, doing a saving action in a really extreme step is not a really wise thing to do.

One of them is about the static ip. Many people are still confuse enough in deciding whether they need a static IP or not. As we know that there are two kinds of IP that we have to aware. They are the static IP and dynamic IP. Now, we will try to describe about static ip on this article. Is it really important for our business? Let’s check it out in the explanation below. Most business uses a high speed internet to run the private server or even the public server. On this case, we just one to make our IP is always constant and never changes to make the other people aware in how they can contact our server. Besides that, the static ip address is also needed from a domain name or certain email account. In the other words, website is also included on this case. Without the static IP address, when mode or router that was used by server needs to be turned off, so that IP server can be changed at anytime the server is turned on back again. The impact is that users cannot access the domain name or that email account until we maintain the setting again. By using the static IP, the server identity will be also constant although the internet connection was stopped for a while, maybe for maintenance process. Users will be able to access that server just like usual when it was ready to use again.

The Static IP address will be also really helpful in building the VPN or Virtual Private Network at your office to possibly the far distance maintenance. Without any constant identity, the office VPN will be really hard to be contacted. Can you imagine that after the maintenance session all devices that are connected with the office VPN have to be maintained or set again to contact the new IP address or not the old ones.

Yes it is true that a Static IP address is specially designed for our usage. It will need more cost than the dynamic IP. However, in the name of efficiency and effectiveness that will increase the quality and productivity, using the static IP address is an essential thing to do. So, do you need a static IP or not? Actually it depends on you, but from the explanation above maybe most of us will agree that static IP is important and beneficial to use.