The Microsoft FrontPage has become a vital instrument that provided users with non-technical knowledge an uncomplicated method of creating websites. A server-side scripting and HTML editor app are integrated to ensure intuitive interface for desktop publishing and necessary interactive components.

Is FrontPage Still Relevant?

1. The History of FrontPage
Initially created by the Vermeer Technologie, Microsoft bought FrontPage in the year of 1996 and published its individual software version afterward. Microsoft released a new version with a minimalist interface two years later. That release played the role as content editors and creator intended for Internet Explorer browser. It was included in the Microsoft Office 2000 package bundle.

With FrotPage, users have the opportunity to create a great website through its easy interface. And the recent release is adding code view to give more versatility. When some website elements are previously needed to be coded manually, FrontPage provide the prospective of put these features into practice for people with no technical skill. Released later in 2013, its final version was not bundled with Office anymore. A lot of users must spend money to purchase the software and that was when the popularity of FrontPage ended.

2. What It’s Used For
It’s important to comprehend that FrontPage was created Internet Explorer web editor. Back in the day, Internet Explorer was the sole browser that has the capability of page rendering with server extensions from FrontPage. Those extensions are basically applied for rendering the content so that websites can properly function. Its users need to select hosting provider that is compatible with that function.

Just as it was bundled with the Microsoft Office, a number of hosting companies were not enthusiastic about its extensions. Most hosts will find it hard to keep the websites running as it should be, due to its old technology. As of the year or 2000s, websites were constantly changing their operational and beginning to disregard Internet Explorer.

3. FrontPage Alternative for Modern Use
While several users keep utilizing FrontPage as web editor, there are also many hosts that are still compatible with server extensions. However, more competent, consistent and flexible editors are currently offered at no cost. They also generate simpler code that is accommodating for current browsers. This is better than using older software in terms of compatibility

In case you want an alternative to FrontPage, a web builder tool is the one you can pick. It operates well in a browser, and there’s no need to install it on your desktop computer. It presents a comparable interface as with FrontPage. Devoid of security drawbacks and particular requirements on server, developers can build stylish and modern website. Of course by making sure it’s secured for you and your hosting company.

Microsoft FrontPage was once being a key part in carrying web design to the modern people. Nevertheless, the software is already outdated, and only a small number of hosts offer its compatibility. In case you want a more current counterpart, you may perhaps need website migration. Move it to a dedicated provider or an inexpensive shared hosting service that offer web builder options. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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