The 2 major types of web hosting are the Linux and the Windows hosting. As we all know, Windows is a Microsoft product  a license with Microsoft. So, the question on which hosting plan is better? Let us make a comparison here.

The Windows hosting operating system is the most used operating system in the world. It is said that 95% of all PCs uses it. Therefore, they are the dominant force and people looking for a host will be more likely to go for Windows. The Windows have a system called the ASP.NET technology comes with  .NET. The Windows  web hosting also available to MySQL database, Sharepoint and Frontpage 2003 as Microsoft application.

Linux operating system is good and more superior for users to build a very good website. The price of a Linux hosting is also an added value because it will cost 20% less than Windows hosting plan. Linux system used Apache, MySQL and PHP it allows to run your website because with PHP application is more efficient than Windows server. With Linux hosting, infrastructure website you can build solid. Linux system

According to surveys, Linux has an advantage over Windows. Therefore, most users who are using it ace no problems at all. But this does not mean that Windows are no good. They are actually better than Linux in a few areas.

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