Like many developers are able to put Crystal report certain crystals on a web server so that users can know that can be used for web pages. I have been able to use crystal reports for a while with all the advances in Visual Studio applications. For that, I must have a license by way of downloading the web development tool, but not biased to download the application. Download an application must license Crystal obtain permission from the web developer and use the development tools.

Business Objects on the website is to install a file server to create a version of Crystal Reports that you are using. The way is to select and install the latest version of your web server. Then create a new website on the server by using visual web developer.
Make some files from an existing crystal website (web.config and aspx pages.) By way of adjusting to you liked using the visual web developer.

Some facts that should be know and understand.
This only works on primary web server. So let your administrator know that you need.

Always get the latest version of Crystal to develop the way you must have XI and XI Release 2 to get the latest patches before you develop. If you have a crystal 2008, only to get the latest patches.

IntelliSense feature will not work with one of the crystal items. You have to highlight all your code if you are referring to the crystal.

Microsoft usually has a visual version of a full blown studio you can get to evaluate … If your employer will invest the money to buy this great tool when you show him what can be done? Try telling him that you now need to maintain the site.

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