Website builder service is a service where you can design your own website easily, quickly and really simple. This is an internet facility that is used to build our own website without needed to host the file on our website on web hosting. Web builder site provides some features to build website in easiest way, especially for beginner.

Website builder site can be divided into two types: the free type and paid version. If you wanted to make a blog site with website builder, you can use free blog facility that is made by Google, However, can be only used to build an information site or it is usually called a blog. Those are the examples. Web builder usually only provides certain site models (limited) and you cannot do the customization freely.

What is a web builder? Web builder is a facility that is provided by the third party. It is for sure that your site is under the rules that are made by the provider. It means that you need to obey all the rules and terms of conditions. If your site was known not obey the rules or the point terms of condition, you have to be ready to be suspended. That is why; if you had already made a decision to use the website builder, you have to understand all the terms and conditions.

Hosing your website can be done in two ways; you can use the auto installer facility that is also called fantastic where you just need a click to install. Upload file and install by yourself manually. This is the second way that you can do. With this way, you can upload all the sites files and do your own configuration such as setting the SQL. That is why; you can choose one that is suited with your needs. Usually, the way to make website using a website builder is different between one provider and the other. That is why; you need to look for this information and understand it really well before you choose a provider.

There are so many options from many kinds and model of sites that are available at the auto installer webhosting feature. You can create your blog up to the online shop only in a click install. Some website models that you can create are like forum, e-commerce and many more. The other thing that you can do is that add some sites again. If you wanted to add some more sites you can buy the domain name or it is also called the addon domain. You will also see the other word such as full managed. Full managed means you are free to manage your site without any intervention from the other parties. This kind of service is really recommended for any business websites or blogs that are monetized. It is because business website is a kind of website that is really needed a strong and high standard for heir security system. provide Website Builder plans starting from $7.00/month with specification 100 MB Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 5 Total Pages, 25 Email Accounts, and 250 MB Email Storage. And higher package starting from $20.00/month with all Unlimited except for email accounts and email space which provide 100 email accounts and 250 MB Email Storage.