On this article, we will try to compare between php and asp.net. We will try to compare these things on some aspects such as from the scalability, price and performance. In a side, php is a programming language that has millions of developers and it has some communities in a huge size. On the other side, asp.net is a platform that is made by Microsoft by using a .net language to develop its business. So, which one is the best? Below we will try to compare them on some aspects.

  1. Price

PHP is free, meanwhile asp.net is paid. Maybe this is the first thing to be remembered when you wanted to compare these two. Actually, installing the asp.net is free, but you will need to pay some more to develop it. You have to buy windows, asp.net is only could be developed only in windows environment, but this is not too serious problem because windows users are still the most users that we can find in the market. For mac and Linux users, you can use Mono Project to be able in using the asp.net. asp.net needs a windows hosting. At the beginning, windows hosting is more expensive than the linux hosting. However lately, there are many providers that provide windows hosting in a competitive price than the linux hosting.

  1. Scalability

Scalability is the second aspect that we can use to compare asp.net and php. The usage of asp.net or php is quite balance. Both of them are having the different portion. For the example, PHP is used more for website blog that we can see on the internet; meanwhile asp.net is also used more by the companies that apply the website on their internal part.

  1. Performance

It is a little bit hard to compare the performance between asp.net and php. We have to test it in a really detail way.  There are many kinds of factors that can be placed on the case of performance between these two. For a common count that is done with machine that is used to run (web hosting) where PHP uses Linux and Ext4 partition. Meanwhile, the asp.net uses windows with NTFS Partition for the input and output part. There are many sources who say that Ext4 is much faster than NTFS.

  1. Support

The next aspect that we can use as a base for comparing the asp.net and PHP is from the support aspect. In the case of support, both the php and asp.net have almost the same amount of capacity. However, a data said that many communities love PHP more than the asp.net. This thing will be helpful for them who are still learning on their programming language.

Those are some comparisons between asp.net and PHP. So, which one is the best? To answer this question, you have to understand about your needs and availability. Both of those platforms are great, but as what we said, you can choose one that suits with your needs the most.

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