Currently, there are many volunteers working for community development through local organizations, which supports women and children as well as micro-enterprises. These organizations usually have a goal to improve the lives of others in the community and the environment that we are living in.

Most of the organization to achieve this goal through linking local projects effective from volunteers located in various regions of the world. However, some local organizations are able to do a great job for the people but they do not have the resources available to recruit international volunteers. Fortunately, there are many organizations and servers as a link to provide volunteers needed by local groups and make a project successful.

Organizations that support women and children and usually offers micro-enterprises and foster service learning can promote a very positive change for those involved in it. They also can work together to achieve a solution that can solve all your worries and a variety of problems. They seek to understand and respect different cultures; facilitate the dissemination of knowledge, resources and medical experience and prioritize the community to be served.

They also perform for community initiatives to provide health services to the community through local clinics and medical professionals. They also do it through the recovery of medical supplies, which will include the collection and distribution of drugs. Finally, they perform their mission through a global service learning, which will include the implementation of a medical student programs that focus on cultural competence in health care settings.

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