Before you start to make a hosting company, you must be clear about what your website needs. It’s important that you choose a hosting service that meets your requirements. So there are several things you need from your web host, including:

1. Bandwidth or transfer limits

Bandwidth the amount of data that can be transferred from the server every month by using the measurements in MB, or GB of data. Bandwidth is used each time a user loads any page of your website, its function is to download the file, or see the image. However, the amount of data to be transferred to display pages of text smaller than a comparably display pictures or video streaming. Bandwidth usage is very important to maximize and minimize your website, but also to prevent exceeding the limits owned. Keep file sizes small, but it can increase the efficiency of your website. If the limit the bandwidth usage exceeds the limit, then your website will not be accessible until early next month.

2. How much bandwidth do I need?

It’s never easy to measure how much bandwidth your website is in use to create a website from start to walk for 1 week. You can make plans based on what your website offers, and how many visitors came to your website and also the number of pages on your website. Which includes the Low bandwidth is primarily text, articles and information. Edit recycling images and logos. High bandwidth downloads include picture galleries, streaming media.

3. Web Space

Create a hard drive to grow, and the web space becomes cheaper, many hosting companies providing these specifications to sell hosting packages. A hosting company that offers a capacity of 10 Gigabytes is more attractive than the hosting company that offers only the capacity of 2 Gigabytes. However, if you think back to your website really need 10,000 MB of web space? might for personal website, or websites of small-scale rarely use more than 20-25 MB of hard drive. Be sure to choose a host that gives you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your package as you find necessary, little or no extra cost.

4. Scripts and Extras

This is where a lot of different packages, and ultimately how you will narrow down your choices between hosts. If your web site using SQL databases, CGI scripts, FrontPage extensions, SSI (Server Side Includes), ASP (Active Server Pages), etc., you will need hosting that caters for your needs. If you have built your website using Frontpage, the possibility that you will need a server running  frontpage extensions. Image galleries like Coppermine, and community forums such as phpBB both require a webserver or Web Hosting account running on the so-called SQL database system.

5. Other Considerations

Customer support – Do you provide hosting services 24 / 7 helps and online support?

Credibility – Did you choose an established hosting service? Hosting company that was founded and brought down with worrying regularity, is the hosting service you choose to stand up for long? Have you read the user testimonials?

Reliability – Do you have a guaranteed uptime hosting service? As server technology improves, the case of server failure has declined dramatically. How confident is your hosting company in the technology? Do they have an uptime guarantee? Look for at least 95% uptime guarantee and asked what the compensation provided by a hosting service for failing to meet their demands.

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