Joomla has emerged as a popular content management system used to create websites from the beginning. Its user manual focuses more on the functionality instead of end user’s perspective. This open source software was developed in 2005 and has been adding to its flourishing list of users with every passing day.

Developers across the world have been able to develop Joomla templates as per project-centric requirements. Most of them absolutely free of cost while others are put on sale. Some of the free Joomla templates have high quality and they can be shared with other Joomla community members with great ease.

It’s a low-cost affair to create a website with Joomla. Its vast range of free templates has made creating a website so easy. Creation of a website with Joomla entails some basic steps as enumerated below:

Step 1: Make a clear sitemap and compartmentalize the same into Home, Categories and Articles (or web pages in Joomla context); home being the top level and categories being the middle level.

Step 2: Now you can generate sections in Joomla with the help of Section Manger in Content. Under each section, create a category and tag it correctly under the apt section. You can tag the categories with the help of Category Manager in the Content section.

Step 3: Create the web pages of your website in the form of articles with the help of Content -Article Manager. Joomla is such a robust CMS that its content editor enables you to create content for the web pages of your website even without the code knowledge.

Step 4: Build a menu for your link with the help of Menu option so that netizens can click on the same to gain access to your articles.

Step 5: Now enable the menu, a step commonly missed by many and perhaps one of the primary reasons why menu does not appear. We need to instruct Joomla about the placement of menu and hence you need to go to Module manager and find out the exact location of menu name so that you can enable it properly.

Step 6: Customize the layout and supplement it with additional extensions.

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