Active Server Pages or ASP in website hosting uses the ASP programming language developed by Microsoft. Even though classic ASP is no longer supported, Microsoft pushes the ASP.NET version for web hosting. ASP.NET is HTML pages with embedded ASP scripts processed on the server before sending the page to the user. This allows for a very fast and powerful web experience.

Web pages displayed on the internet are either static or dynamic. Static pages display information that never changes while dynamic pages can change content automatically. Dynamic, server-side scripting loads changes on the server before sending to the browser. PHP and ASP.NET program languages are examples that use server-side scripting.

ASP.NET – To Use Or Not To Use?

Website hosting with ASP.NET is easy to learn. It is also very flexible and powerful. Designed with less code and more predefined commands it is faster to learn than Classic ASP. Being a popular programming language, it is easy to find answers to any questions you may have when using ASP.NET hosting. There are many free tutorials on the internet that will help you with building various types of web pages. It also works well with other programming languages such as JavaScript and VBScript.

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