We knew that having a blog is really fun and it can be a great media for getting some incomes. That is why; nowadays there are many people who want to have and manage a blog or maybe more than one blog. For you who want to start owning a blog, we have some beginners’ tips that maybe it will be essential for you. What are those tips? Let’s check it out below.

  1. Decide your aim and topic

First of all, you have to decide the aim and topic of your blog. Did you do it just for fun, earning some money, hobby or what?  This is important to make your blog is always on the right track and focus in the same aim. After you knew your aim, then you need to decide the topic. It is better to make a topic that is suitable with your hobby and interest. Why? It will make you easier in searching any sources and at last it will make you easier to write in your blog.

  1. Write a post

The second step that you can do is writing some posts. Making a post is not an easy thing. It is better for making a post with interesting topic to make it read by a lot of visitors. That is why; you have to search any interesting topics that are liked by many people. You can get many suggestions from the search engine like Google. You can also take the advantage of Google Keywords to find how much people who find out these keywords and the amount of competitors that were already used that keyword.

  1. Searching an inspiration

Yes, you have to search many topics that will be useful for your posting. You can do this thing by visiting the other people’s blogs or it is also called with blogwalking, especially in many popular blogs. There are many things that you have to note from some popular blogs such as how they tell their post, the blog design and many other interesting things.

  1. Thinking about target (ranking and visitors)

As a beginner, it is better for not having too high target. You must make a realistic and reasonable target in which you have to realize that you are a beginner and of course that you need many time to become the first or popular blog. You have to concentrate more in the article that you write. It is better for not thinking about the amount of your visitors and etc.

  1. Promotion

This is one of the most important ways to increase your visitors and increase your blog’s popularity. You can promote your blog by using some social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many things. You may not shy to promote your blog. In the other words we can say that you have to stay confident in everything that you had already made.

Image source from http://www.freepik.com/