Web hosts much talk about bandwidth and data transfer in a word-rich are different but it all has a purpose and a common goal. Bandwidth is a limit or capacity of a data can be transferred at one time and how much data is transferred.

Think about it, if  bandwidth is a bridge, while the data transfer is thought of as the number of vehicles allowed on the bridge within a month. In essence, data transfer is the consumption of bandwidth, so if a larger bridge to eat more vehicles can pass through.

How It Affects Your Site

The less bandwidth you have, the slower your site takes the visitor will be able to access it. If you have more visitors, some of them will have to wait their turn to be able to access your site. Transfer process is done for your website, if done more frequently to achieve the maximum limit and you are required to upgrade your account to increase the capacity of the bandwidth you need for people to access your site with ease.

Determining Your Needs

Usually when a host talks about bandwidth, they are referring to your transfer maximum. So, you have to find out what applications you need and the site is useful to make sure your website. You need to gather some information about it quite easy if you already have a site. Most of this information is available from the history of your site traffic.

Unlimited Plans

Bandwidth is very expensive. All hosts are limited by their own allocations. Thinking back to the bridge. What happens is each visitor to your site will be given a smaller way to transfer data, because creating many small streets is very limited. More and more visitors, you will have a smaller road which makes each visitor wait for an easy access to each page of your site.

Some hosts may limit the number of simultaneous connections, so in affect and can slow down your site and may reject some visitors. This is called throttling. If you’re worried about this, you should ask the host how they control bandwidth usage for each user or to buy the package with more data transfer.

Reduce Transfer

You can reduce your transfer amount by building simpler, more efficiently and optimize your graphics website. Refrain from fancy flash presentations or streaming audio. Using CSS, JavaScript calls than external embedding on every page. Removing unwanted tags, white space and comments. Limit your META tags to those absolutely necessary.

Another good idea is to cache your website, but you may want to set the expiration date in the HTTP headers so the browser will refresh the content after a certain time. Use mod-gzip. This can save as much as 40% of your bandwidth. Beyond the control of robots can also suck down your bandwidth like a black hole. So use robots.txt to keep spiders in check.

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