If asked about the difference between the PHP and ASP.Net, just few people would probably be familiar with those terms in the first place. Yes, not many have been familiar with these technology related terms since they are actually quite foreign compared to other terms we have been familiar with.
The Details on ASP.Net and PHP Comparison
In this case, these terms actually refers to the programming language program usually used on the internet and everything that pertains to it. In the matter of this, this article will completely revolve on the comparison between these programming languages programs and all good things they both come with. Without further ado, here is the comparison for both.

1. Market Share
For this point, the market share referred here is actually the usage of these programming languages all over the world; how many internet users rely on these languages. As the answer for such question, PHP still holds bigger share on the market of programming language. Well, it is due to the fact that PHP is actually open and free source that people can use with no fee or charge upon it. Unlike ASP.Net, it is available if you have done the purchase previously when you want to have full access on it.

2. Performance and Internet Speed
In addition, many people seem to have misled themselves and others with the misconception on the programming language determining the internet speed, connection, and performance as a whole. For your information, such misconception is actually created by those who fall on their feet through false advertising on the programming language they sell as the best one.
In that case, there is actually no difference at all between those programming languages in the matter of internet speed and performance. They have been specifically designed with the capability of showing anything a good programming language is supposed to show.

3. Scalability
Furthermore, scalability actually refers to the development of your website in the first place. The more scalable your website is, the better it gets. One way of achieving that is to use one of these programming languages in the first place. In choosing one of these languages, you will need to take the result you want out of your website into account. Well, the ASP.Net shows better result on the website since it relies on the best service you can opt for. As for the independent choice, you will find PHP to be more preferable.

4. Support
Well, as previously stated, PHP is actually war wider than ASP.Net in the context of users and developers since it is actually an open source compared to the ASP.Net that’s more exclusive. From that point, there is actually one advantage you can gain from PHP in the first place. In that case, it refers to the help if you need one. It will be easier for you to ask for help pertaining to PHP since it is open source compared to the ASP.Net which has been integrated into one.

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