ASP.NET 4 brings a lot of new possibilities over its predecessor, ASP.NET 3. One of the best additions is support for meta keywords and meta description. These are very important parts of a website if you want to rank high in search engines. It is also a vital part of SEO. Unlike in ASP.NET 3, where you would need to work with the HtmlMeta class, with ASP.NET 4 you can add meta and description tags directly from the Page object through two new properties. ASP.NET 4 brings more control on Controls ViewState by adding a new property, the ViewStateMode. In ASP.NET 3, if one wanted to disable the viewstate for the page but still have it enable for the control, it was impossible. With the new property, you can do just that!

ASP.NET 4 provides a new property, ClientIDModefor page objects and controls that helps developers get the client ID. This was a very challenging task in ASP.NET 3 Hosting and thankfully it is now much easier. Also, there are major improvements in the ListView control. These improvements makes only the ItemTemplate necessary, while the LayoutTemplate is optional. ASP.NET 4 comes with a new project template that allows developers to create an empty Web application project that includes a Web.Config file. The Web.Config file is very simple and clean, not like the ones generated by ASP.NET 3. With the new version come changes to the webforms’ URL. URLs now have meaningful names and will improve the search engine rank. There are also some major CSS improvements and HTML will comply with the latest standards in the industry. The RadioButtonList and CheckboxList have two more values regarding the RepeatLayout property (OrderedList and UnorderedList). ASP.NET 4 also brings many improvements in code expressions and allows for permanent redirection by using the HTTP 301 Moved Permanently Reply.

As you can see, there are a lot of improvements over ASP.NET 3. You will find out that ASP.NET 4 is a far better choice than its predecessor is. It has a lot of fixes and a lot of new features. Developers all around the world are very happy with it! ASP.NET 4 hosting is growing at a rapid pace and more an more websites use it. Nowadays, one can find ASP.NET 4 hosting almost everywhere. ASP.NET 3 is already outdated and ASP.NET 4 is moving in rapidly!

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