If you are looking for a web hosting provider to host your website or blog, there are several kinds of features should you consider before buying the most expensive package. Not all web hosting also offers the same service for the same price with the ministry. You should also lebh careful in examining each offering web hosting and search features you need to host your Web site.

1. Disk Space

Disk space or web space, is a term used to describe the amount of information that you can save through your web hosting account. Are you going to use HTML, images, sound or video files, because they all can take the space of disk space your web hosting account.
Now, many web hosting packages offer even with the best price and also offers a lot of disk space to host your site. Do not choose a capacity of less than 1 gigabyte of disk space your site and even if you do not need it. Darp Most web hosting companies offer their customers with hundreds of gigabytes with a very low price per month cost.

2. Monthly Transfer Volume

Monthly transfer volume is also known as the bandwidth is the appropriate term to use in describing the amount of information that can be accepted and can be sent by your web hosting account each month. Many of the web hosting account gives you a lot of Gigabytes of bandwidth per month. More and more web site traffic you receive, the higher the bandwidth of your website. In monitoring this traffic, when approaching the end of the month limit you better consider moving to a web package that higher may also offer a higher bandwidth.

Web hosting start offering high-bandwidth means you will be able to come back any plan that can be useful for your site. Most of the web hosting providers will offer a good bandwidth capacity in the range limit of 250 Gigabytes to over 1 Terabyte of traffic per month.

3. Linux vs. Windows Hosting

Many of the providers offer web hosting for beginners with Linux-based packages in addition to the cheap price, they will be easy to move. However, Linux is an operating system that is very fast and reliable. Most Linux systems running the Apache web server which accounts for more than 50% of internet web host. No matter that you’re creating your web pages on a Windows PC. They can be hosted on Linux servers without any problems.

Windows web hosting is ideal for those who need functions from Active Server Pages (ASP) or require better integration with Microsoft SQL Server. Linux plans usually tend to slightly more expensive, which is why you’ll see more of them around you. This may be the best option for you unless you have specific requirements that only uses Microsoft servers to be connected between the users.

4. Web Database

Is it MySQL or Microsoft SQL databases required for your site, make sure that the web hosting plan you have purchased access to several. Even if you do not need it at first, you may need in the future and most beginner hosting plans offer access to a database in the package they offer. Plan ahead and to be able to save themselves from the problems that would create a headache later in the process of developing your website.

This database has many benefits. From the ability to store all the information for your company and to form the back-end storage to support blogs such as WordPress or Joomla, you should have easy access to get into the database to be easily able to make this feature work properly.

5. E-Mail Space and POP3 / IMAP Access

If you want to make a comparison of a professional for your site, an e-mail account with your business name is very important. This should not be too much trouble since most use the web hosting package that will give you access to POP3 and IMAP to setup an account for your business. Make sure enough account for each employee who can access e-mail at your business site and quite a lot of e-mail web space for all users combined. E-Mail is usually used as a space separated list of web space. Noting web hosting provider can give you all the support facilities for this room is divided for all that can be allocated by e-mail users.

6. Free Website Plug-In Scripts

This is a script that is available for you to automatically install according to your needs you need. Most web hosting companies use the Fantastico Deluxe for collection of scripts. Several scripts included are: WordPress, Joomla, PHP Nuke, Help Center scripts, Polls and Survey software, Guestbooks, and Form-mail scripts to name a few.

Automation can facilitate a very simple integration with your web site. Many of these products offer a very strong and sturdy, so this is a very good package add-on to already available.

7. Secure Shell (SSH) Access

This access can be used in order to log into your web hosting account and can make changes from the line to give commands to each page of your website is a very convenient feature. However, users will benefit from this option because some knowledge of operating systems, Linux, is required to navigate and control it all with ease.

Not all web hosting plans offer this service, so if you feel you need it, be sure to find out in advance whether or not the service is available dala packages they offer. Some web hosting that can offer it for free as part of the package they offer, the other if you want to have the cost and only then registered as an add-on.


Internet is filled with thousands of web hosting companies all claiming to be better than others. Do your homework and compare several top web hosting companies before making your decision to buy. And make a comparison before making a choice to use web hosting services.

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