Internet changes many things in today era. You can access tons of information at hand easily using smartphone or tablet. Well, although people still use PC and laptop, smartphone is the top device to access internet. When discussing about internet, you cannot ignore the most popular technology called website. Everything you want and need is available in website. For startup website, it is the toughest place to compete because millions of websites appear every day. You will compete with new and old player, especially the giant players with billion traffics. What do you do to overcome this situation? Some matters are good to consider as a part of five must have things for startup website.

Few Important Things for Startup Website

1. First impression
Appearance plays the major role to capture visitor attention. This is the most basic thing when entering internet world. When seeing the attractive design, they will stay for longer period to explore. For this matter, you should create website to adjust with visitor device. Website turns into usual mode when people see it from laptop. It also looks good at smartphone with various screen sizes. How to create the best first impression in website? Try to balance between picture, text and color.

2. Good user experience
Beautiful thing attracts attention just like the stunning woman. You need more than stunning appearance to keep visitors come again and again. They may enjoy the first experience, but feel exhausted because your website has bad navigation. They want to know certain content, but it may take longer period to reach their intention. Visitor turns into viewer, but not customer. This is not good sign because your website will have low page rank. Check the navigation in each section, particularly hyperlink or bookmark, so viewers can go to where they want easily. If you sell product on website, customer can do purchasing in single process with less unnecessary procedure.

3. Simple and well-written text
The next step is about text. You have to create simple and well-written text. This matter includes contents on your website. The text and content should be informative with less unnecessary words. It is a little bit tricky to develop excellent text or article for website. Simple trick is that the text explains everything which picture or photo cannot do.

4. Easy to access
You may think that everyone in this world can access internet. The truth is each country has different internet capacity. Having easy access for website is the key to be popular. You may consider separating viewers into several categories. For example, your product intends for certain region, so the website should be easier to access when you are in that region. If your product is global or only for customer around the world, make sure they can access easily.

5. Contact information
The last thing is contact information. You are not the fake company that sells unknown products. Therefore, provide the information related to contact, phone number, and social media account. It is part of integrity and credibility. In general, website will have this kind information at footer section. You also need to integrate the website with social media to be shared easily.

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