Search engine optimization is a process to make a website searchable on the internet when keywords related to that website are searched. The basic process is a complicated equation which keeps changing according to the search algorithm of search engines.

Professional SEO companies provide optimization services and each company’s approach is different. But there are certain mistakes every website designer and SEO optimizer should avoid. Those are:

1.  Right content, wrong title. Titles are the first thing that a search engine will locate during a search. This has to be correct and relevant to your content. You have only few seconds to gain attention of the traffic. Hence, if you have mismatching content and wrongly titled pages, the user is going to wait no more to visit the other pages.

2. Right title, no keywords. Lack of correct keywords and phrases can shake the very basis of SEO as the entire world of SEO revolves around keywords. If you have the right content, but not enough keywords or not the right keywords, the user will never be able find you among hordes of other websites.

3. Right title, poor content. You have the exact keyword a user was searching for, only to find that all that you have written in the content is gibberish. This is enough to put off any impatient user. Every non conversion of clicks to user is a missed opportunity.

4. Keyword stuffing. This is a very bad and unethical form of SEO. And it is looked very down upon by search engine crawlers.

5. Lack of maintenance. Lack of maintenance of the same is looked very down upon by search engines. Your website will never come up in a search if it has no new content to offer.

6. Using only images. Images do speak 100 words, but not in a SEO context. You need some keyword along with the image to reach the intended user.

7. Wrong target market. With improper content and outdated SEO, your website will never reach the target market and customer group. Thus, your website will never reach the right target group you want to market your products to.

8. Backlink spam. Backlinks can improve page rank. But quality backlinks are what we are looking for. Spam and you will be banned! Banning means, your site will be removed from the search engine’s directory and never be found again.

9. URLs. Keyword-less URLs are absolutely unforgiveable. Keywords are as important in the URL as they are in the content and title.

10. Badly design website. You have got just few seconds. You need to attract your user or else, traffic and page rank are never going to improve.

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