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16 NovASP.NET 4.0 Hosting – The New ASP Net Technology Improvements

ASP.NET 4 brings a lot of new possibilities over its predecessor, ASP.NET 3. One of the best additions is support for meta keywords and meta description. These are very important parts of a website if you want to rank high in search engines. It is also a vital part of SEO. Unlike in ASP.NET 3, where you would need to work with the HtmlMeta class, with ASP.NET 4 you can add meta and description tags directly from the Page object through two new properties. ASP.NET 4 brings more control on Controls ViewState by adding a new property, the ViewStateMode.


16 NovWeb Hosting ASP Server

ASP.NET Web Hosting : ASP.NET 2 has made developing web applications much easier with far less code! ASP.NET is a set of technologies in the Microsoft .NET Framework for building Web applications and XML Web services. ASP Hosting supports multiple .NET languages including built-in support for VB.NET, C#, and JScript.NET, give you flexibility in your choice of programming languages.

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is NT based web hosting asp server commonly installed with Microsoft Windows Server Edition such XP/2003 configured with internet information services to execute Active Server Pages (ASP Hosting). Windows hosting means hosting of web services or web pages that runs on the Windows operating system.


12 NovDifferences Linux and Microsoft

The 2 major types of web hosting are the Linux and the Windows hosting. As we all know, Windows is a Microsoft product  a license with Microsoft. So, the question on which hosting plan is better? Let us make a comparison here.

The Windows hosting operating system is the most used operating system in the world. It is said that 95% of all PCs uses it. Therefore, they are the dominant force and people looking for a host will be more likely to go for Windows. The Windows have a system called the ASP.NET technology comes with  .NET.